Ratyoke lock picks have been hand made one at a time in the USA since 2008  

To read an interview I did with the website art-of-lockpicking.com click here .

Here is what Bosnian Bill thought of my picks:

I only accept custom orders when I feel I can complete them in a timely manner.  At this time (Feb 18, 2018) I have other things I must attend to and will have to put lock pick orders on hold for the next few weeks. I will be back to accepting new orders around mid March.  

​​A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin work on all custom orders.  The remaining balance is due before the picks will ship.

Prices do not include shipping.  

Payment can be made through PayPal.

I am located in the USA.  If you are ordering fromanother country you should check your local laws regarding lock picks. You are also responsible for any duty or import taxes their country may charge.  

As pick blades are made of mirror polished high carbon steel feeler gauge stock, not stainless, it is recommended they be wiped down regularly, expecially if they will not be used for a while. 

Pick blades are not replaceable. They are mounted in the hardwood handles with epoxy and silver pins and are unable to be removed without destroying the handle.
​​Jon M. Ryan

Jon M. Ryan (ratyoke) is a professional goldsmith and has been working with metal since 1996.  His metalwork has won both national and international awards, has appeared in numerous books and magazines, and is in the permanent collections of several museums.