I am not accepting new orders till mid march (2/2018)

i have some other things to take care of over the next few weeks. After that is done I will be back to accepting new orders.   
I still have some finished picks available for immediate purchase.

g10, carbon fiber - no
Micarta - yes

I finally did a little work with carbon fiber, just to see how it was to work with. I've decided I will not be working with it.  I dont have a proper dust collection system, and the black dust, that irritates the skin, is not something I want to deal with.   

I will not be working with G10 either.  I had forgotten that I had worked with it once before.  I read something I posted about the experience on Facebook back in 2011, and it seems it was similar to carbon fiber.  Both of these materials also dull my steel tools.  In the future I might get myself properly set up to work with them, but right now it's not something I want to deal with.

I will continue using micarta as it is not such an unpleasant material as G10 and carbon fiber.    

Available Picks (02/18/2018)

These are the picks I have available now for immediate purchase.   Prices are  $100 - $200 plus shipping. Contact me for more photos of any of these.  

From the top:
#1) $200
#2) $140
#3-5) $130
#6) $110
#7) $130
​#8-9) $100

Bosnian Bill Review (10/2017)

YouTube lock picker Bosnian Bill recently reviewed two of my picks.